My Favourite 2019 Blogging Moments Tag

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I saw this tag on Sakhile Whispers’ Blog and decided to join the fun. The tag was created by Laura from The Book Corps. It’s been a topsy-turvy year both reading and blogging wise plus Mo has been AWOL for nearly half of this year. Still, we had some good moments on the blog so here goes.


  1. All the answers must be about your blog posts
  2. Please link the original creator of the tag
  3. You don’t have to provide just one post for each question, you can provide as many as you want so long as they were written in 2019
  4. If you haven’t written a post that matches one of the questions, choose one that relates to it as close as possible
  5. Tag 5+ bloggers so they can share their accomplishments too! And make sure you read the posts they share!


What is your favourite book review?

Becoming a Whisper by Joe Odey. It’s one of our better written reviews this year even though it’s poetry, our least favourite genre. I think we’ve grown into reading and reviewing poetry over time.

Becoming a Whisper

Our review for Night Dancer by Chika Unigwe also falls within this category.

Night Dancer

What’s your favourite discussion post?

The most popular discussion post this year is a guest post.

An introduction to the Tebogo Mystery Series by Henry Ozogula.

Add a heading

My favourite discussion post is Writing a Negative Review, because it’s something which has been on my mind since we started the blog last year and I wanted to share it.

Speaking & Writing Chinese Class

What’s your favourite fun post?

I enjoy recording audio reviews. I prefer them to writing reviews. My favourite this year is a short story, Unfriending Mama by Sharon Salu.

Unfriending Mama

What’s your favourite book recommendation post?

We don’t usually do book recommendation posts. Closest to it is Season of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Ibrahim. A book which lived up to the hype.

Season of Crimson Blossoms

What’s your favourite book/bookish photo?

Has to be this stunning book cover from Jewel From the Ghetto by Qudus Oko-Osi

COVER-Jewel from the Ghetto3[4809]

What’s your favourite original idea/blog post?

Okay, I’m being silly now. Does this ‘rant’ qualify for this category?

It Never Rains But it Pours: “A Rant”

It Never Rains

Have you reached any blogging achievement this year?

We added an Author Spotlight and Book Promo Segment

It’s a post culled from a tweet chat with authors about the author and their latest book.

Author Spotlight and Book Promo: Dear King by Abigail Anaba

Dear King

Author Spotlight and Book Promo: Love at First Sound by Amaka Azie

Love at First Sound 1

That’s it. I won’t tag anyone, but if you read this post and want to join the fun, consider yourself tagged!