Why did you decide to start a book review blog for books by Nigerian authors and publishers?

We recently started reading books by Nigerian authors and publishers. One day last year, we bought a really terribly written book, certainly the worst book we had ever had the misfortune to come across. Thereafter, we resolved from that day that one person would buy any book we intended to read to give the other a heads up on whether she should also buy the book. So we alternate on who to buy first. That’s really where the idea came from.

Why did you restrict your reviews to books by Nigerian authors and publishers?

We did it to give the blog a focus. There are so many books published already with more being added daily. We review one book a week and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet, imagine if we had to expand it beyond Nigerian authors and publishers. Thankfully, there are so many book review blogs, readers have a choice if they are not reading only books authored or published by Nigerians. It’s also our little way of contributing to the Nigerian literary scene by writing reviews of these books as well as writing posts about the authors.

What is the style of your reviews?

We are readers who love reading so we may not know all the technical terms for reviewing a book. Our audience is the average reader who is interested in knowing some information about the book before they decide to buy it. We also want the blog to appeal to the casual reader. So we keep the reviews as straightforward and easy to understand as possible. Similar to what we would want to read if we wanted to read a review of a book before purchasing it.

How did you decide on the genres to review on your blog?

Those are mostly the genres we read. However, we wanted to push ourselves to read more outside our comfort zones. So, we added poetry and nonfiction to the mix since we both didn’t read a lot of books of those genres. It’s an opportunity for us to read more widely.

You have a soft spot for relatively unknown and self-published authors, does this mean you won’t review books by big publishers?

We review books by well-known Nigerian publishers, smaller publishers and self-published books. Digital books have led to a growth in self-publishing, which means many good books may never get publicised enough to reach mainstream readers. We hope to shine a spotlight on such books. Perhaps together, we may discover the next big writer from Nigeria. *wink*

How do you schedule your reading to accommodate all these books?

We read every day, at any time we can get some minutes to do so during the day but mostly at night before going to bed. One book a week may sound ambitious but it is doable and we’ve been able to manage it so far.

Do you sell books?

No, we don’t. However, in all our reviews, we include information about where the books we review can be purchased.

Will you open your platform to budding writers to showcase their work, e.g. short stories?

Yes, in time, we will publish writing from authors who want a platform to showcase their writing.