Author of the Week – Edify Yakusak

Edify Yakusak

Read our review of Edify’s book, After They Left here.

Edify Yakusak is from Kaduna State but was born and raised in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. She started writing at age 16, experimenting with screenplays and short stories.[1]

Edify is a lawyer and an author who resides in Abuja.[2] She is also the founder of Twang Africa, an online bookstore which sells old and new books and promotes books for authors.[3]

After They Left is her first published book.

After They Left

Edify is on Twitter, @ezyakusak.


[1] Yakusak’s After They Left Relives Memories of Jos in Season of Madness The Guardian; AWF Hosts Yakusak, Ogbowei and Okwuoche Informavores

[2] BM Special Feature-Edify Yakusak Bagus Mutendi; “Why I wrote Novel on Ethnic/Religious Crisis” Nigeria Bar

[3] Twang Launches to be the Largest Retailer of Books and Educational Resources in Africa Techmoran

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