Too Many Books, Too Little Time


Time is one commodity we never seem to have enough of. There is too little time to read published books. Yet, daily, more books are added, good and bad. You agree that life is too short to spend it reading bad books. So, what to do? One way we get round this predicament is to look to book lovers and/or critics for their recommendations. Or, to turn to friends and family to share fun books they have read.

This is where we come in. We love reading books; we are happy to review books we have read so others can choose whether they wish to read them. Digital books have led to a growth in self-publishing, which means many good books may never get publicised enough to reach mainstream readers. We hope to shine a spotlight on such books. Perhaps together, we may discover the next big writer from Nigeria. *wink*

We will review books by Nigerian authors and publishers both fiction (romance, mystery, thriller and fantasy) and nonfiction. We will also review poetry. We will try not to add spoilers, but we can’t stop members of our community from freely discussing book content.

Our plan is to post one book review each week. As it is the season of love, we’ll start with romance from Ankara Press publishers.

We look forward to engaging with everyone who becomes a part of this community of book enthusiasts!

Introducing Ankara Press

“Ankara Press is a new imprint bringing African romance fiction into the bedrooms, offices and hearts of women the world over. Our mission is to publish a new style of romance, in which the thrill of fantasy is alive but realised in a healthier and more grounded way. Our stories feature young, self-assured and independent women who work, play and fall in love in vibrant African cities from Lagos to Cape Town. Ankara men are confident, expressive and not afraid of independent, assertive women. Our sensuous books will challenge romance stereotypes and empower women to love themselves in their search for love, romance and wholesome sex.”

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