Tis the Season of Love!

I started my journey into reading Nigerian romance again, (sans Pacesetter books – because I read those ones between ages 7 and 12) with Ankara Press novels.
Sometime in 2011, I took the advice of my dear friend, Modupe and downloaded the Okadabooks mobile application. On getting this app, I couldn’t navigate it as I barely understood how it worked. I downloaded one free book and it was probably the worst book written in the entire universe, I kid you not!
Fast forward to 2014, an account I follow on Twitter – and whose suggestions I like to check out – tweeted about Ankara press. This caught my interest and I decided to try them out. I checked out the website and found it friendly enough, I registered and bought one book, “A Tailor-made Romance”. I picked this book because of the captivating synopsis. I read it the entire day, I couldn’t put it down until I was finished with it. I bought the next book, and the next, and the next, till I had read everything they had published.
I didn’t stop there, I googled “Nigerian romance writers” thankfully, I found a site, RWOWA. I found Myne Whitman’s books and I bought them also, what an amazing writer! And so, it continued, I searched actively for writers. I wished for something different from the regular writers who wrote like they were writing for a target audience. I wanted something light, without all the political undertones. By Jove, we know the continent is dark and gloomy, we already live in it and so when you pick a fictional book to escape your reality, you DO NOT want to read about the sufferings and the wars. We are just tired. Yes, I said it, TIRED!
I downloaded Okadabooks again and navigated through all the yanma yanma to get to these beautiful books. I thereafter discovered literary blogs, those that update (or sometimes don’t) their blogs with stories, a la “HINTS magazine” style.
On this journey I found Lara Daniels, Kiru Taye and a host of many others that we will introduce you to on this blog. I love to share these writers and not hoard them to myself. So, Lady B and I have decided to preach the gospel of these not so known writers to the world. Come along with us.
Books to read this season:
A Heart to Mend – Myne Whitman
A Tailor-made Romance – Oyindamola Affinnih
Wine and Water – Hannah Onoguwe
Love Eventually – Walter Ude & Chisom Ojukwu
Keeping Secrets – Kiru Taye
The Elevator Kiss – Amina Thula
This Crazy Paradise – Aziza Eden Walker
Melodies of Love – Amaka Azie
Always Yours – Somi Ekhasomhi
Lessons in Love – Lara Daniels
Accidentally Knocked Up- The Fertile Chick
Nothing Comes Close – Tolulope Popoola
The Fourth Finger – Sally Kenneth Dadzie
Love’s Persuasion – Ola Awonubi
With Love from Asaba – Sharon Salu
Dirim’s Man – Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator
Gentlemen of the Bar –Umari Ayim
Finding Happiness – Peju Amadi
Scent of Water – Sinmisola Ogunyinka


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  1. Okay, I love romance and there are hardly many good romance books out there, I haven’t read any of the Ankara Press books but I plan on, once I have the money to purchase all the books.

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  2. You don’t need to have the money at once. You can buy one at a time, and before you know it you have the entire collection!!
    Please, do let us know what you think about the books once you’ve read them.

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    • I agree with Mo. Also, we have reviewed some of the Ankara Press books (check categories> romance). Hopefully, that will guide you on which ones to buy first. *Winks*