Reader’s Block in Pandemic Times

A visual representation of Lady B during this pandemic

We have all heard about writer’s block and read various solutions proffered by writers to help fellow writers experiencing it to overcome it. But what about reader’s block? Well, that’s what Lady B and I have chosen to describe what we are going through. Neither of us is able to read anything for more than a few minutes. As a result, we haven’t reviewed any books for weeks. In fact, we only managed to review a book last month because it was already on our schedule and we did not want to disappoint the author.

How we used to read

2020 has been a difficult year for many. Living during a global pandemic has been stressful and life altering in so many ways. We both worked through the lockdown period so, we never got the time off that some others got. Not that we are complaining, I mean we still have jobs, so that’s definitely a plus – not to add financial worries to all the other worries from this period. While some people were able to read more books because the pandemic slowed life down considerably, others like us have read fewer books.

How we read now

When we started this blog two years ago, we were reading at least one book every week, most weeks, we read two books! To go from that to no books in weeks is a steep decline. But we have decided not to stress ourselves too much over this. We believe it is a phase that will come to pass. We are still book enthusiasts and we hope to start reading again and posting reviews again soon. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other. Stay safe!

Stay safe!

Are you reading more or less this year? Let’s chat in the comments section.

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