April 2020 Reading and Book Reviews List

April 2020 poster

Hi guys, this post informs you about the books we will review this April and gives you an opportunity to read these books with us each week.

We hope you will join us to read one or both of these books and to share your thoughts about them when we publish the reviews on the blog.

It’s been ages since we published an audio review. So, our second review this month, a book from the Pacesetters Series (remember them?), will be an audio review.

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Books for April:

April 13 – Dawsk by Erhu Kome Yellow. Fiction. Paranormal romance. Available on Amazon and Kobo.

Update: Read our review here.


April 27 – Bittersweet by Yema Lucilda Hunter. Fiction. Available on Amazon.

Update: Listen to Mo’s audio review here.


Do you have a book by a Nigerian author or publisher on your reading list for April? Please share it in the comments section.

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