July 2020 Reading and Book Reviews List

Hi guys, it’s been two months since we last posted on the blog. Hope everyone has been staying safe during this pandemic. We both thought the lockdown would give us an opportunity to read more. Alas!

Anyway, we are back now and this month, we are reviewing two books. This post informs you about the books we will review and gives you an opportunity to read these books with us each week.

We hope you will join us to read one or both of these books and to share your thoughts about them when we publish the reviews on the blog.

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Books for July:

July 06 – Colours of Hatred by Obinna Udenwe. Fiction. Available on Amazon.

Update: Read the review here.

July 20 – Coast to Coast. A multi author anthology of essays, poetry, photo essays and short stories on migration and pandemics. Available for free on Smashwords.

Update: Read the review here.

Do you have a book by a Nigerian author or publisher on your reading list for July? Please share it in the comments section.

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  1. I just saw a list of some really good Nigerian books on a friends blog. If you want the link, I can share it. Also i nominated you for the Amazing Follower Award, please check it out on my blog😊