Meet Aspiring Author — Precious Obiabunmo

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Today’s post is an interview with aspiring author, Precious Obiabunmo.

LE: Hello Precious, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Precious: My name is Precious Obiabunmo. I’m a 200L student studying English and Literature at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

My study program is regular. So, I don’t work. However, I blog as a way to hone my writing and digital skills.

LE: When did you start writing and what prompted it?

Precious: I grew up in a family surrounded with books. My dad would always buy books whenever he could. My mom would read them aloud to me and my siblings until we could read. That’s when my love for stories started.

Also, in the primary school I attended, there was a story time section after break every Friday. We would take turns standing in front of the classroom, telling stories and laughing. From there, my love for writing too began because I would recall and write down each of the stories I heard in a notebook.

LE: Are you currently working on any book and if you are, what is it about?

Precious: Definitely. I’m thinking of expanding the first short story in my collection [The Chronicles of Orimiri and Other Stories] into a novel. The story is about a girl who feels that she is a mermaid but not sure. Her plane had a crash and landed in the River Niger where she meets a kingdom of her kind. So, the novel will be about that adventure.

LE: Lastly, what are your hobbies?

Precious: I love reading, watching movies and taking up online courses.

Precious blogs here.

Check out her recently published book, The Chronicles of Orimiri and Other Stories here. Please leave a review about the book when you do.

The Chronicles of Orimiri

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