Is Change the Only Constant in Life?

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Hi guys, hope you’ve had a good summer so far.

We’re changing the way we access books we read for our blog. Here’s why… In May this year, our reading schedule was disrupted because of issues with the reading app we both use–Okadabooks. I wrote about it here.

This July, our schedule was once again, disrupted by a similar problem on the Okadabooks app. So, we’re changing to another reading app, Kobo until Okadabooks get their act together.

We put in a lot of effort to get the books we read and draw up a balanced schedule each month, so these disruptions are unwelcome as they always affect the next month’s schedule. It put us off reviewing books in June!

First, the downside, Kobo has far fewer books by Nigerian authors and publishers so we may end up reviewing fewer books each month. The upside is no more disruptions to our schedule (hopefully) yaaaay!!!

I don’t know the answer to the headline question. Do you?

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  1. A pity that okadabooks is unable to live up. We just have to move on…before long a better alternative to Kobo app will emerge and the train will move. Well done! Goodbye to okadabooks.

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  2. I haven’t tried Kobo, but I’ve heard good things about it. I don’t know the answer to your title either, but it sure seems like a yes! 😉💜

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    • Ha ha ha. I think it’s a yes as well but these days, you say yes and some smarty pants tells you why it’s not a yes. So I thought, let’s throw the question to the public and see what happens 😛🤗

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