Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid by Nneka Ijeoma (Audio Review)



Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid

An audio book review of Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid by Nneka Ijeoma. A nonfiction account by the author about her experiences as a bridesmaid.

Published by Kachifo limited under its Prestige Imprint.



Suggested music: Dbanj – Fall in Love


You can buy Memoirs of a Professional Bridesmaid on Okadabooks and local bookstores.

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    • I agree. The cover is nice. You know us Nigerians, we love our parties, ha ha ha. And yes, it’s a good hunting ground for a spouse.


  1. I like this review, atleast I won’t buy the book expecting to have a laugh. I find it difficult calling a book hilarious as we all see humour differently. ” I do not come to you by chance” by Adaobi Nwaubani was funny to me but that may be because I’m Igbo and could totally relate with her story.

    I really enjoy these audio reviews; please keep them coming.

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    • Thanks, Nonie. I agree about different people finding different things funny. I’ve read I do not Come to you by Chance and it was an enjoyable read. Don’t remember it being hilarious. I think I’ll need to read it again so we can do a review for the blog. Incidentally, I read a funny story in Fresh Air and other Stories by Reward Nsirim which made me burst out laughing. It’s a short story collection and we will review it on Monday, August 6. Glad you enjoy the audio reviews, we’ll certainly keep them coming. Cheers.


  2. Nice one. Funny means different things to different people I reckon. Enjoyed the review and quite agree that the explanations were a bit interruptive. The relaxed style still shone through nonetheless.

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