Author of the Week — Michael Afenfia

Michael Afenfia

An interview with Michael Afenfia. Read our review of his book, The Mechanics of Yenagoa here.

LE: Hello Michael, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Michael: I am Michael Afenfia. I am a storyteller and writer. I studied law in Rivers State University, Port-Harcourt. I also did an MBA from the University of Ife. I was born in Port-Harcourt, but grew up and worked partly in Port-Harcourt and Lagos. I lived and worked in Yenagoa for a number of years before moving to Canada in the fall of 2019.

LE: What you do for a living? Is writing your full-time job?

Michael: I have my day job in an immigrant settlement agency in Saskatoon, Canada and as much as i would like it to be the case writing is not a full-time job for me.

LE: When did you start writing and what prompted it?

Michael: I started writing from Secondary School and I guess I would say I was born with the talent so when the time and opportunity came, it just happened.

LE: Are you currently working on any book and if you are, what is it about?

Michael: Actually, I just finished writing it and it is called Rain Can Never Know. It is about life in the corporate world i guess, but it touches on a number of themes that are both topical and universal.

LE: Lastly, what are your hobbies?

Michael: I watch a lot of TV and read books and magazines in my free time.

Michael has four published books:

A Street Called Lonely

A Street Called Lonely

Don’t Die on Wednesday

Don't Die on Wednesday

When the Moon Caught Fire

When the Moon Caught Fire

The Mechanics of Yenagoa

The Mechanics of Yenagoa

He is on Twitter and has a blog.