December 2018 Reading and Book Reviews List

December post

Hi guys, this post informs you about the books we will review this December and gives you an opportunity to read these books with us each week.

Read November 2018 Reading and Book Reviews List here.

You may read as many or as few of the books on the list as you want. You are welcome to share your thoughts on the book(s) you read when we publish the weekly reviews.

Books for this December:

December 3 – Edwardsville by Heart by Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún. Poetry. Available on Central Books.

Update: Read our review here.

Edwardsville by Heart

December 10 – Naija Love Stories: Delve into Twelve Tales Naija-Style Love by Ola Awonubi. Fiction. Romance. Short stories. Available on Amazon and Okadabooks.

Update: Read our review here.

Naija Love Stories

November 17 – Welcome to Lagos: A Novel by Chibundu Onuzo. Fiction. Available on Amazon.

Welcome to Lagos

November 24 – Bound to Favour (Bound Series Book 4) by Kiru Taye. Fiction. Contemporary romance. Available on Amazon and Okadabooks.

Bound to Favour

Do you have a book by a Nigerian author or publisher on your reading list for December? Please share it in the comments section.

Update: Audio Reviews in November. Click on titles to listen to the reviews.

Driving in Lagos: Memoirs of a Learner by Oyinlola Oduwole. Nonfiction.

The Silence We Eat by Oyindamola Shoola. Fiction. Poetry and prose.

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