Sister Dear by Hannah Onoguwe (Audio Review)

Sister Dear

An audio book review of Sister Dear by Hannah Onoguwe. A novella about love, betrayal and second chances.


Suggested Song: For Life by Runtown

You can buy Sister Dear on Okadabooks.

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    • Lol. I still remember the first time I got on one years ago in Port-Harcourt, my heart was in my mouth throughout the journey. I think they decided to pick a familiar name for their platform even though it’s only in some parts of the south it is referred to as Okada.

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  1. I’m completely with you. Most second-chance romance could have avoided separation with better communication and clearly stating what you want.
    I don’t care what happened but twin sisters should NEVER date sister’s ex. NEVER!!!
    And why didn’t she tell her twin that she still has feelings for that man? Are the sisters not close?
    Thanks for the review and the song. I hadn’t heard it before

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    • You’re welcome. I still can’t deal with this thing where sisters date the same man. The same thing happened in Dirim’s Man, another book I reviewed. I guess it happens in real life if writers keep writing about it. This story get as e be… anything I talk na spoiler 🙂

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