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Tunde Leye

Read our pre-release book review of Tunde’s book, Afonja – The Rise here.

Babatunde Leye was born in Lagos, Nigeria.[1] He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos.[2] He lives in Lagos with his wife and two children.

Tunde says writing from a young age was a natural progression from reading a lot as a child. In addition to reading and writing, he is involved in the Financial Technology world and considered a professional music career, at some point.[3]

He has several unpublished books available on his blog and Okadabooks.

One of his short stories, “Saving the King” was adapted as a short film in 2014. A feature film based on his series, “Broken Mirrors” is in the works.[4]

Tunde has 3 published books:

The Rat Race


Golden Sands


Guardians of the Seal

Guardian of the Seal

His fourth published book, Afonja – The Rise will be released later this year.

Afonja - The Rise

Tunde is on Twitter @tundeleye and as mentioned above, has a blog.



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