Author of the Week — Aziza Eden Walker


Eden Walker, nicknamed Aziza or beloved is a South African.[1] She majored in English, Drama and Psychology in University.[2] She has a son.

Similar to her protagonist in This Crazy Paradise, Aziza is a psychologist turned romance writer.[3] As a child, Aziza had a lot of fun writing in school but it was not until 2007 that she was inspired to write like never before. In 2014, she decided to write a romance novel, The Seeing Place.[4]

She has three published books:

The Seeing Place

The Seeing Place

This Crazy Paradise

This Crazy Paradise

One Night in Venice

One Night in Venice

Read our review of The Seeing Place and our mini review of This Crazy Paradise here.

Aziza is on Twitter @EdenWalking, Facebook Aziza Eden Walker and has a blog.




[1] About the Author. Eden Walker Blog.

[2] Meet an Author: Aziza Eden Walker. Bookdealer NG.

[3] The Life of a Romance Writer by Aziza Eden Walker. ROSA. (She was also an actress).

[4] Interview with Ankara Press Author: Aziza Eden Walker. Ankara Press.

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