Author of the Week — Aziza Eden Walker


Read our review of Aziza’s book, The Seeing Place and our mini review of This Crazy Paradise here.

Eden Walker, nicknamed Aziza or beloved is a South African.[1] She majored in English, Drama and Psychology in University.[2] She has a son.

Similar to her protagonist in This Crazy Paradise, Aziza is a psychologist turned romance writer.[3] As a child, Aziza had a lot of fun writing in school but it was not until 2007 that she was inspired to write like never before. In 2014, she decided to write a romance novel, The Seeing Place.[4]

She has three published books:

The Seeing Place

The Seeing Place

This Crazy Paradise

This Crazy Paradise

One Night in Venice

One Night in Venice

Aziza is on Twitter @EdenWalking, Facebook Aziza Eden Walker and has a blog.



[1] About the Author. Eden Walker Blog.

[2] Meet an Author: Aziza Eden Walker. Bookdealer NG.

[3] The Life of a Romance Writer by Aziza Eden Walker. ROSA. (She was also an actress).

[4] Interview with Ankara Press Author: Aziza Eden Walker. Ankara Press.

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