Author of the Week – Yemisi Aribisala

Yemisi Aribisala

Yemisi Aribisala (also known as Yemisi Ogbe) grew up in Lagos, though she spent many holidays in Ibadan, Nigeria. She has a degree in Law from the University of Wolverhampton, England and a Master’s degree from the University of Wales, Cardiff.[1]

Yemisi was the founding editor of Farafina Magazine.[2] She was a food columnist for the now defunct 234Next Magazine as well as a regular contributor to Chimurenga Chronicle.[3]

Yemisi loves trains, dark chocolate, food-shopping, trees, tea, long walks and soft white food – cheese, home-made fufu, full fat yogurt.[4]

Longthroat Memoirs: Soups Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds is her first published book.

Longthroat Memoirs

You can read our review of Longthroat Memoirs here.

Yemisi is on Twitter @yemisiAA


[1] “My repression is as legitimate as your freedom” A Conversation With Yemisi Aribisala African Writer; Longthroat Memoirs: Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds, page 342 (e-copy on Okadabooks)

[2] On Not Fitting In: An Interview with Yemisi Aribisala. Enkare Review

[3] Sarah Ladipo Manyika’s Seven Bold and New International Voices. Vela Magazine

[4] An interview with Yemisi Aribisala author of ‘Longthroat Memoirs: Soups, Sex and Nigerian Taste Buds’ The Tiger Tales


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