Author of the Week — Eghosa Imasuen

Eghosa Imasuen

Read our review of Eghosa’s book, Fine Boys here.

Eghosa Imasuen was born in 1976 and grew up in Warri, Delta State in Nigeria. He studied medicine at the University of Benin. He lives in Lagos with his wife and twin sons.[1]

Eghosa, a medical doctor made the decision to write in 2005.[2] Since then, he has published two books and worked briefly as Chief Operating Officer for Kachifo Ltd.[3]

Eghosa is the co-founder of Narrative Landscape Press, a publishing services firm based in Lagos.[4]

His two published books are:

To Saint Patrick

To Saint Patrick

Fine Boys

Fine Boys

Eghosa is on Twitter @eimasuen and Facebook Eghosa Imasuen.

Picture of Eghosa, credit: The Bookdealer NG.


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