Book Tag: What’s on my Bookshelf?

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I was tagged by EziChi of The Chaise and Lounge who passed by this tag on Bookish Wisp. This is my first tag post so I’m excited about it. My bookshelf is now electronic. During my last house move, I gave away some books, the rest are still in boxes in a cupboard so for this post, I’ll only make reference to the ones on my e-readers.

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3. Name one book for each category. Try not to repeat books to make this more fun!
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A Book You Got as a Gift

The Life Changing Magic

I got The Life-Changing Magic of not Giving a F**k as a gift last Christmas and haven’t read it yet. I’m hoping my friend who got it for me as a gift never reads this post. I’m not a fan of self-help books and in my defence, I did protest about the book choice. *Makes mental note to read it soon.*

A Childhood Book

Mr Strong

My earliest memory of books is the Mr Men (Little Miss) books series. I remember begging my mum to buy some in Leventis or was it Kingsway stores…

A Magical Book

Children of Blood and Bone

I don’t usually read magical or fantasy books. I gave Children of Blood and Bone a try but didn’t like it. Read my review here.

A Romantic Book

Wine and WaterThis Crazy Paradise

I’m going to cheat and post 2 books because I really enjoyed reading both. Wine and Water is a collection of short stories and I loved the endings best because they aren’t conclusive. Read our review here. This Crazy Paradise was an enjoyable read which was so nuanced, we couldn’t find a way to review it without spoilers so we did a mini review here.

A Steamy Book

A Sin a Day

A Sin a Day is a novella of erotic short stories. I also think Memoirs of a Lagos Playboy would qualify for this category from my bookshelf.

An Old Book

The Concubine

Recently, a few of the African Writers Series became available on Okadabooks so I bought all of them. Looking forward to reading The Concubine again. I read it in secondary school as it was recommended reading for Literature in English then. I’ll be reading it as an adult so will probably enjoy it more, especially as I’m not getting graded!

A Book That Makes You Happy and/or Laugh

Dirim's ManLove Eventually

I can’t decide which among these two books to choose. Both are really funny with witty dialogues. Dirim’s Man has a well-worn trope; the pretend boyfriend taken to meet the family who ends up as the real boyfriend. Listen to my audio review here. Love Eventually is also a light read. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, have a misunderstanding, separate and eventually get back together…the end. Read our review here.

A Book That Makes You Emotional

After They Left

After They Left is a heart rending tale about inter-ethnic/religious crisis in the North Central part of Nigeria. It makes me emotional because even though it’s fiction, it accurately depicts the senseless violence in that part of Nigeria. Read our review here. On Monday, Mo listed it as one of the 10 books she will love to see on TV.

A Book Whose Ending You Dislike

Sister Dear

Has to be Sister Dear. I liked the book but thought the ending was rushed and underwhelming. It wasn’t the ending I hoped for. Listen to my audio review of the book here.

A Book You Wish Had Illustrations

Living in Gidi

I’m indifferent to illustrations. If they are in a book, fine but I won’t read a book and wish it has illustrations. Having said that, the illustrations in Living in Gidi really enhanced the book. Listen to my audio review here.

A Book or Genre That You Love Reading When It’s Raining

Starting Over Again.JPG

Definitely romance. I enjoyed Starting Over Again because the protagonist, Onome had another chance at love with a different person after her divorce. I love reading about people who find love after heartbreaks.

That’s all folks. Thanks, Ezichi for tagging me, I enjoyed writing my first tag post.

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  1. There was a time I would read nonfiction or self help books because I was bored. Just reminding you that it will soon be another christmas and you need to read your gift.

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    • Thank you. Most books on my list are books by Nigerian authors. Tomi is Nigerian-American that;s why CBB made the list. You’re in the majority, many people enjoyed CBB.

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